Italian Spouses Association of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

"Insieme a Roma"

As in many other MFAs around the world, in Rome too we have a non-profit Spouses Organization providing an exciting range of cultural programs and an interesting and unique perspective on this incredible city.

For a minimal yearly fee (100 Euro) we offer a diversified program, called Insieme a Roma (Together in Rome) which includes:

  • 11 monthly activities and guided visits (in Italian and in English) to places with exclusive or limited access (full program enclosed)


  • NEW a series of encounters and talks with Italian cultural personalities such as journalists, writers, artists (available in English only)
  • NEW a special monthly brisk walking program throughout the city center specially tailored for non-Italian members
  • several other activities we organize throughout the year ranging from extra occasional visits to special activities such as our team of walkers at the yearly Race for the Cure
  • NEW a 10 classes Course of Italian Language as a second language (for a minimal extra fee)
  • membership to an Italian bookclub and conversation group
  • membership to a Spanish bookclub and conversation group

Moreover, we offer other specific programs ranging from lectures on decorative Arts to visits to contemporary artists’ ateliers, Roman peculiar landmarks and temporary exhibitions (available in Italian and at a separate fee).

Most of all, we offer the possibility to benefit from an insider's outlook and share a local network of support and friendship and turn this posting into a unique experience.

You may join our Insieme a Roma group and/or inquire us for any information by contacting our office (morning hours).

Therefore we really look forward to seeing you and enjoy together this amazing city!


Anna Lisa
Ghini Giglio

ACDMAE Vice President and
Insieme a Roma Chair
Cappello Bandini

ACDMAE Treasurer and
Insieme a Roma co-coordinator 
Trifunovits Miraglia del Giudice

Insieme a Roma co-coordinator