Italian Spouses Association of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Our Association

Since 1978 our Association has been looking after the Foreign Service people and their families. It is open to all spouses of civil servants in the Foreign Office, both in active service and retired, as well as to those belonging to other Departments when on duty abroad.

Our Association has been registered as a non-profit organization in 1979 and since 1997 it has been included in the Social Services of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Purposes of our Association

  • to form and maintain a link of solidarity between members residing in Rome and those living abroad.
  • to help families, and specifically spouses, in facing the problems connected with their way of life.
  • to inform the Foreign Office on the impact on families of life in the Foreign Service.
  • to establish solidarity and friendship relations with spouses of foreign diplomats in order to encourage a deeper knowledge of our country, its institutions and culture.
  • to cooperate with similar foreign Associations, specifically those of the European Union, in order to examine and discuss subjects of common interest, and to find solutions to be submitted to the respective Foreign Departments.